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Monthly Newsletters

Do not fret if you miss an event.  About the 20th of each month a newsletter is emailed out to the membership.  Members can keep caught up on news and events through our monthly newsletters.  Newsletters also include photos of members blooming plants, articles on how to better grow your orchids, photos of the previous month’s events, and more.

Epi. paradise.jpg

January  2023

Den. Starburst Firebird, whitney.jpg

August 2022

anita cymibium.jpg

March 2022

Jackie Murray bus trip.JPG

March 2021


November  2022

trsvis cat hyb.jpg

June  2022

Cheryl DiDonna Vanda.jpg

February  2022


October  2022

den. amethystoglossum, whitney.jpg

May  2022

Epi. paradise.jpg

January 2022

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