April 2022

      A Message from our president
Spring is in the air, the rains have returned to Kona and our vanilla vines are blooming like crazy. After a wonderful first meeting, the enthusiasm is at an all-time high. We also had our first volunteer opportunity. Hopefully there will be more to come. I would like to give a big thank you to Cheryl DiDonna and Keith Koffman for volunteering to help Jan Rae with her orchid collection. And a very special Mahalo to Phoenicia Zeller for lending her expertise in helping Jan’s collection and making sure we did not make too many mistakes. The enthusiasm continues to run at a high rate as we have a lot going on and a lot in the works, such as rebuilding the club website, designing a club logo, new name tags and planning upcoming events. --Whitney

Meet Our New Secretary: Geri Allison Article and Photo by Geri Allison I first became interested in orchids when I was living in Del Mar, California. I had mostly phalaenopsis and oncidium-type orchids, with limited success. Luckily, there was a nearby orchid nursery that featured an “orchid hotel”. You could actually pay them to keep your non-blooming orchid in their nursery and then they would call you when it started to bloom! The price was actually pretty reasonable and it was better than watching my orchids die in the living room… Back then, I bought most of my orchids at Trader Joe’s, where they were plentiful and cheap. I did especially well with their $7.99 cymbidiums, which were constantly in bloom. Ironically, that is the one orchid I can’t seem to get to bloom here in Hawaii! I now grow mostly cattleya, phalaenopsis and oncidium orchids as they do well at my elevation of 1,550 feet. I did grow dendrobiums when I lived at a lower elevation but they don’t do as well up here on the mountain. After joining Kona Orchid Society, I learned a lot of tips and tricks for using orchids in my landscape and I have a lot of fun experimenting with mounting the plants on my trees and around my koi pond.


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